Celeste Greene is a visual artist who identifies as an abstract painter. Born in Naples Florida and raised in Nashville Tennessee, she has recently returned to her home town after spending eight years on the west coast. She received an undergraduate degree in Business Management and Studio Art from Belmont University. 

Themes in her work explore the dance between freedom and imprisonment, birth and death, known and unknown. Her unique creative expressions are the result of her fine art aesthetics and passion for discovery. She has studied and worked in culinary artistry in Italy, lead Art Direction projects in California and managed her own business as a traveling freelance floral designer. Celeste has also been a yoga and meditation instructor for the past seven years, which she has found directly influenced her work as a painter.

In addition to her array of artistic studies, Celeste’s work has been shaped by the writings of Alain de Botton, Mary Oliver’s, Wendell Berry and the art of Cy Twomboly, Mark Rothko, Franz Kline, Joan Mitchel, Gerhard Richter.

Celeste Greene is showing her most recent work as a part of the “Embodiment Series: Phase One” at Nous Art House in East Nashville Tennessee, September 29th-31 2017. For more information on Celeste Greene and her art, visit www.celestegreeneart.com or schedule a private studio appointment. 


"I paint to express deep emotions and experiences of life that can't be touched by words. This is what it feels like. This is me, painting life. Attempting to touch the depth of my experience or in Emmet Gowin's words, 'to give a physical embodiment to our experience'".